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Testing and Analysis of Biogas Development using Cow Dung for Rural Areas in Northern Ghana

Adane Godfred, S. Rajalingam, Gyimah Kopri


The proposed paper aims to analyze the production of biogas by the use of cow dung with a

different set of experiments. For this experiment, five-set of 250 ml conical flasks (labelled A-
E), were used as digesters to generate biogas from cow dung. This experiment is subjected to

five different treatments to do the analysis. The slurry with 58.3 g dung and 174.9 g water is
collected in the digesters and it is subjected to anaerobic digestion for a period of 30 days. The
measurement of gas production was taken on daily basis. The A-Digester collects the produced
in a gas syringe at ambient temperature. The B-digester was kept at a temperature greater than
40°C and the biogas gas is also collected in a gas syringe. C-digester was kept under ambient
temperature and gas produced was collected over water. D-Digester was covered with a
balloon and was also kept under ambient temperature. The E-digester was also covered with a
balloon but was exposed to sunlight. The results of the proposed experiments were discussed.
The results show that cow dung shall be used as the source of biogas shall in the rural areas as
kitchen fuel.

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