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Experimental Testing and Ply Wise Strength 0°-45°-0° Investigation of Multi-orientation Carbon Fiber Specimen by Using FEA and UTM

Swapniljadhav ., S.H. Kumbhar


Synthetic composites have higher strength to weight ratio and are extensively used in industrial
applications. Carbon fibers have extensively high tensile strength. Most of the composites have
orthotropic properties and their strength varies as per orientation. Laminar having different
ply orientations have different properties and strengths. Hence, to enhance strength of carbon
fiber specimen reducing layer wise damage becomes up most important. It is unimaginable to
expect to examine the layer insightful harm of each utilize independently by experimentation.
This layer shrewd harm will be done by utilizing ANSYS 19 programming. Advance composite
pre-post (ACP) apparatus from ANSYS 19 programming is utilized for reenactment of these
layers. From software results of ANSYS for each layer strength is determined. Manufacturing
of carbon fiber specimen layer wise damage experimentation is done busing UTM.
Experimental tensile testing is done on specimen of 0°-45°-0° ply orientation to obtain force vs.
deflection diagrams. Comparative analysis is made between simulation and experimental
results. Results and conclusion are drawn. This validates the simulation value of force reaction.

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