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Homodinuclear and Heterodinuclear Sulphocyanate Bridged Lewis Acid Complexes: An Insight into their Reactivity and Structural Flexibility

S. K Pandey


This precpective reports the synthesis of homodinuclaer and heterodinuclear complexes of the type MM (SCN)4 and MM/ (SCN)4 (M-Co2+ , Ni, M/ , = Cd2+, Hg2+) with N.N' Bis (salicylidene) 1,2- plionylendfamine. A superficial insight has also been reported about their reactivity and structural flexibility. The complexes have been characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, conductivity measurements, magnetic susceptibility measurements, Proton magnetic resonance UV-Visible and midIR spectral studies. The softness tendency, ???????????????? ≠ of complexes have also been worked out to derive the possible binding site of the sulphocyanate ligand. The complexes have also been screened for biocide potency against Red cotton bug (Oysdawutt koonigii). Complexes are found more potent than Schiff base

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