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Chemical Sand Consolidation: An Overview

Saurabh Mishra, Keka Ojha


Sand production from reservoir is a critical issue related to oil/gas fields because it gives rise to many serious problems in oil/gas production. Sand production from wells can damage the surface and subsurface facilities as well as it can reduce the well productivity, thus it can have adverse effects on economy of oil production. Sand control is requisite to economical extraction of oil/gas from the unconsolidated formations. So the development in the sand control techniques is ongoing in the oil industry. Several methods comprising mechanical and chemical methods of sand consolidation have been developed by different researchers in past. This paper comprehensively reviews the mechanism of sand production and control, different investigations and techniques utilized in chemical sand consolidation process. Different resin systems, other chemical systems and their implementation techniques to consolidate the loose sand formation are discussed in this review article.


Keywords: Chemical method of consolidation, permeability retention, compressive strength, resin system

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