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Power Quality Issues and Challenges in Grid Connected Solar PV System: A Review

Sanjay Dhanka, Vikram Saini


The paper presents power quality power quality issues and challenges in grid connected solar PV system.. There arevarious control technique available in the paper those have successfully presented. Power quality compute the efficiency of electric power dispatched from generation to the domestic, industrial, and commercial customer. At least fifty per cent of power quality trouble is of voltage quality type. Voltage distortion established. Electrical strength of machine is design to offer high great strength for high-quality operation of various electrical systems. This difficulty could be resolved by: several control technique available in the paper.This paper gives an overview of power quality compensators, analysis and control technologies under the new circumstance of smart grid. especially new characteristics of applicable control technologies and power quality in micro grids.


Power quality, electric power, Electrical strength, power quality compensators

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