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Performance Analysis and study of losses in GaAs Multi Junction Solar cells using Current and Voltage Measurements

Dr. E. N. Ganesh


Cross section coordinated, triple-intersection sunlight based cells with strain repaid quantum spots (QDs) in the GaAs center cell were developed by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD). Structures with various quantities of QD layers are contrasted with gauge structures with no QDs. Quantum proficiency and light I-V estimations show an expansion in hamper thickness and debasement of the open circuit voltage for QD sun powered cells. The QDs don't work on the general proficiency of the structures, and the exhibition corrupts as more QD layers are added. The QD sun powered cells show further developed relative radiation opposition contrasted with gauge structures, however the improvement is deficient to compensate for the underlying loss of execution. The 5 layer structure has its effectiveness in benchmarking its accuracy and increase in efficiency. In case increase layer of hetero structures say 5 to 20 hetero layers in the Quantum dot structure can increase its output of minimum 1% rise and hence more layers more accuracy and efficiency. The QD structures show further developed relative radiation opposition contrasted with the standard structures, yet because of the more unfortunate start of-life execution over the existence of a generalized structure in the literature.


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