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Research on Turbine Volute design using CFX

Amit Pradhan, Yogesh Sharma, Shahrukh Ansari


Volute is centrifugal part or basically it is a casing of turbine, centrifugal pump and turbo chargers. It is the most important component of turbine which converts velocity into pressure by the help of blades. It has a funnel type shape, with increasing diameter with curved shape. It receives fluid from the impeller and maintaining its velocity to the diffuser. While converting the fluids velocity into kinetic energy there are some hydraulic losses, in the pump. This is the major part of the total hydraulic loss. So, the appropriate design, fluid quality and inlet mass flow rate play a very important role. This paper deal with the varying design of volute with same mass flow rate which is rectangular and trapezoidal. The design and CFD simulation are performed in Ansys Fluent.



Radial flow turbine; Volute; Impellor; diffuser; ANSYS; CFX

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