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Research on Turbine Volute by Varying Different Mass Flow Rate using CFX

Amit Pradhan, Yogesh Sharma, Shahrukh Ansari


The volute is a necessary component in the centrifugal machines. Low efficiency is the fundamental disadvantage of a radial flow turbine, no matter the turbine being an essential low-cost technology for hydropower generation. Poor flow profile has been mentioned by way of different radial flow turbine overall performance investigators as one of the reasons for the underperformance. Improving its overall performance is a tremendous way to enhance the total performance of the turbine. Steady computational simulations were undertaken for one of the specific nozzle configurations. Entropy generation rate was used to set up the distribution of loss within the turbine. The design was built in Radial turbine design software program and mesh is generating in Turbo mesh. A system for numerical evaluation was once followed and ANSYS CFX® used to be used to clear up the governing equations and to method the simulation results. The turbine is design and simulation are performed in ANSYS version 19.0 and obtaining result in term of pressure and velocity. The most pressure and velocity are obtained when ass flow rate 4400 m3/hr is used in simulating turbine model.


Radial flow turbine; Volute; Impellor; ANSYS; CFX

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