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Review on Design and Plan for Installation of Solar PV Modules on University Building

Prashant Tagde, Palash Shriwastava, Mukesh Pandey



The power generation sector is capable of generating around 152 Giga Watt but still 17 per cent villages of India generally termed as deserted or mobile areas are still non - electrified in figures it is around 450 million people who lived without electricity till the year 2008. The power sector uses the coal as a primary source of fuel. A report on behalf of ministry of coal said that the estimated coal which is present around for the next 40 to 45 years after this the standing source of coal will extinct out. This emerging challenge of extinction of energy resources are countered by shifting to renewable energy resources. The current renewable energy consists of about 11 per cent which is having the installation capacity of energy production is around 152GW. India is situated nearly in between to the equator and obtains plentiful sunlight over the year comparative to other countries in the world. Solar Photo Voltaic solution is possibly capable to change the livelihood of 450 million people, who vastly uses the kerosene oil and other primary sources for the lightning of their houses. The solar energy can be utilized by setting up Photo Voltaic cells. Solar cells act as an energy convertor, it is made up of wafer a semiconductor material, and it is a kind of untainted silicon. The solar electricity system later became more popular in domestic use by using the solar panels which reduces the electricity bills. This electricity can be stored in the batteries and even sold these batteries in the market at low price. Several research works are studied for further in depth knowledge of solar PV modules and their current usage.

Keywords: Photovoltaic cells, solar electricity, PV modules, renewable energy resource

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Prashant Tagde, Palash Shriwastava and Mukesh Pande. Review on Design and Plan for Installation of Solar PV Modules on University Building. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2019; 6(3): 12–16p.

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