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Multipurpose Beach Sand And Water Impurities Cleaning Machine

Ayusha Sundar Bhojane, Kartik Sachin Birwadkar, Prajwal Prabhakar Wankhade, Ganesh Chandrakant Khutikar, Prof. Pramod Deshmukh


In today's world, garbage is a major problem in worldwide attention. Most of the garbage is dumped in waterways in rivers, lakes, ponds which harms aquatic life and disturbs environmental balance, this garbage in turn shows at sand beaches which is cleaned manually by some organizations or else its left as it is and the garbage in the ponds is not cleaned as it is physically not approachable. For this issue we designed a Multipurpose Beach & Sand Water Impurities Cleaning Machine which is both economical and easy to use. Our machine is used as an attachment to the buggies and other tourist attraction vehicles and clean the beach around and in water it will be powered using a 12V alkaline battery which provides motion to 3 motors two of which are connected to propellers.Single activity of cleaning either a beach or a pond or lakes initially human labor and time. And the initial cost of the machines used for sole purposes is large. Our multipurpose machine will be economical and smart work.Through this thesis, it will be possible to design and develop a prototype for our machine. The machine will be designed, analyzed & 3d modularization will be done


Multipurpose Beach sand cleaning machine, Environment Friendly, Pollution Control, Water Contamination, Clean Water Bodies, Healthy beaches, Preserving Aquatic Life, Boost Ecosystem, Improve Tourism

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