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Water purifier with quality checks

Sadhana A., Purvee Kumari, Shreya Singh, Sufiyan Kallur, Kavitha K.


Water as a resource is the most significant aspect of living organisms. Use of fresh water has been growing rapidly considering the growth of population. Fresh water demand is a never-ending concept across the globe. In the world, domestic, industrial, and building activities are constantly the cause of water pollution. River pollution can disrupt the water supply, which eventually has an impact on domestic and commercial operations. Thus, to identify contaminated water, a water quality monitoring system is required. Water scarcity is a both organic and human made concept. Our focus in this project has been to learn and understand the different technologies that are employed to obtain potable water from the polluted water, apart from the conventional methods and analyze the recent developments in the processes and their area of application. The aim has been to make optimal use of available resources and obtain potable water with minimal energy usage for domestic consumption.


Fresh water, Quality check, Turbidity sensor, Ultraviolet filtration, Water Purifier

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