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Sensor Based Agriculture – An approach Towards Better Agriculture Management

Sonali S Takawade, Shubha Baravani, Nikita T Vanjeri, Kushal R Suryawanshi


Agriculture plays a crucial role in India's economy, and nowadays, it has become more data-driven and advanced. This paper discusses how sensors are being used in agriculture to make it smarter and more precise. Different types of sensors are available for specific tasks in farming, like checking soil conditions, monitoring crop status, managing irrigation, detecting insects, and studying environmental effects. Farmers are benefiting from these sensors throughout the entire crop process, from planting to harvesting, packing, and transportation. Farmers may secure higher harvests, optimize resource utilization, and make more informed decisions by utilizing the knowledge these smart sensors provide. These sensors are transforming the age-old practice of farming, whether it is by tracking animal movements, identifying early signs of plant illnesses, or automating irrigation to conserve water. By using this technology, farmers can work more effectively and efficiently. Different sensors have different specific tasks which will help the farmers to do their work in easy existence. Farmers should implement smart farming technology to enhance the growth. Indian agricultural economy. The main goal of these sensor systems is to reduce the need for human intervention and make farming easier by connecting the real world to the virtual world


Agriculture, farming, managing irrigation,monitoring crop status, robots

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