Behavior of Iron Ores During the Sponge Iron Production Process

Rajnish Kumar Rai, Dheeraj Kumar Verma


Behavior of natural iron ores with coal from different mines were undertaken to achieve better quality of sponge iron during direct reduction. Iron ore is the raw material used to make sponge iron, which is one of the main raw materials to make steel. 98% of the mined iron ore is used to make steel. The paper gives the introduction about subject. It tells about the need of direct reduced iron (DRI) industry outlines the features of each process, status of technical development and commercialization. It also gives a general idea about raw materials quality required for producing DRI, especially in Rotary Kiln. An optimized work flow sheet and innovative process has been developed for production of high quality DRI utilizing waste iron ore slime and less reactive coal. The DRI produced from this process have high metallization (<92%) suitable for blast furnace and electrical for iron and steel making.

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Rajnish Kumar Rai, Dheeraj Kumar Verma.
Behavior of Iron Ores during the Sponge
Iron Production Process. Trends in
Mechanical Engineering & Technology.
2017; 7(3): 25–28p.


Direct reduction, iron ore, coal, sponge iron

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