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Practical Application of Wulff Net

Bangshidhar Goswami, Basuki Nath Choudhary, Debabrata Das, Vikram Sharma


Wulff net is a stereographic net. Stereographic net is a circular grid or net used to plot planes and lines. Therefore it is also used to solve structural problems. Wulff net has discovered by C.V. Wulff for crystallography. Stereographic net preserve angular relation to define projection by angles. Standard Wulff net is a spherical scale similar to globe with north, south, east and west points. Wulff net contains three types of circles. These are primitive circle, great circles and small circles. Perimeter line of circle forms Primitive circle. Great circles extend between north and south poles. And small circles extend along east and west poles. This study forms basics for understanding role of crystals to form diffraction patterns.


Stereographic projections, Abduction orientation, Miniscule, Wulff net, applicability

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