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Review of Forging Defect and its Remedies

T. Z. Quazi, Mayuresh M. Naikwade


The objective of this paper is to identify different forging defect that are occurs during forging fora component and also the various forging processes. Initially,someimportantforgingtermsthatarewidelyused in this field are discussed. A detaildescription and classification of forging process and defects given. Design parameters, requirement and proper selection of die material are briefly discussed. Various forging defects which occurs regularly along with their causes and remedies are discussed.Afterthat identify the possible causes of defects like scale, pits,mismatch,lapping through a brainstorming session and , which may have the greatest effect on the forging.Finally,In the paper it is concluded that forging gives quality product than any other processes with implementation of reducing rejection rate through preventive actions.


Forging, Flash, forging defects, Unfilling, Forging defects remedies.

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