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A Technical review on Solidification cracking behaviour and susceptibility of aluminum alloy weld

Pratik Kikani, Dr. Hemantkumar R. Thakkar


The paper deals with the physical, chemical properties along with important aluminum applications. Various defects are generated while welding of aluminum alloys one of the severe defect is cracks. Solidification and liquation cracks are generated at various zones of metals. Different mechanical and metallurgical factors affecting the solidification cracking. A variety of weldability tests like Varestraint test, Transvarestraint test, The Cast Pin Tear test,  Hot Ductility test, Strain-To-Fracture test, Reheat Cracking test, Houldcroft (Fishbone) test are apply to investigate the susceptibility of cracking.


Cracking susceptibility; solidification cracking; weldability tests

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