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Public transportation system in Jaipur

Saumya Garg, Abha Garg



Jaipur was selected as one of twenty smart cities. Efficient urban mobility is core infrastructure elements for any smart city. Preparation and implementation of the demonstration project at Jaipur involves several – strategic actions which are covered under a larger Bus Modernisation Plan, the details of which are provided in the City Bus Modernisation Plan (CBMP) report. Several Short, Medium and Long Term Action Plans have been provided in that vision document, which can be categorized under policy, plan, build and upgrade infrastructure; technology intervention; technical advisory and capacity building. Recommendations for future requirements in the long term include additional depots and a centralworkshop.

Keywords: Environmental Impact Assessment, Low Floor Buses, Management Information
Systems in buses, Public Transportation, JnNURM Scheme

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Saumya Garg and Abha Garg. Public
Transportation System in Jaipur. Trends in
Transport Engineering and Applications.
2017; 4(3): 23–27p.

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