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Computation of Remaining Serviceable Life (RSL) of Bituminous Concrete (BC) Surfaced Road Sections using Hdm-4 Model

Jyoti Mandhani


The road network is the basic component that facilitates free movement of traffic from one area to another. The road sections are constructed to facilitate traffic for their entire design life. Due to the insufficient maintenance and rehabilitation activities, road section deteriorates rapidly and rapid deterioration results in entire road section damage prior to its design life. This paper presents the methodology for computing remaining serviceable life (RSL) in years of some selected bituminous concrete surfaced road sections of urban road network using HDM-4 model. For the study, four road sections of Patiala city, India have been selected and required data collections have been carried out. Time, in years, left for reconstruction of road section with no provision of maintenance and rehabilitation work within intervention period has been computed by project analysis in HDM-4. Road surface roughness plays an important role in road maintenance and rehabilitation works. So, roughness has been taken as intervention criteria for reconstruction alternative. This study will help road agency to know the imperative time for reconstruction of the road pavement.

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