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Computer Programming Tool for the Design of Concrete Mixes for Pavement Quality Concrete Roads in India

Sourabh Patni


Basically concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, aggregates and water. These constituents bonds together and hardens with time and give strength to structure. The proportioning of concrete mixes consists of determining relative quantities of materials to be used. Thus to calculate proportions of various components of concrete several mix calculations are required to be performed. Consequently, it is not possible to select at once the exact mix proportion required to produce concrete of specified strength and desired property. Thus focus is on a computer programme to reduce cumbersome calculations multiple times. The computer programme is easy, user friendly, reliable and precise for several calculations to be done for required quantity and quality of concrete. This programme highlights the simulation of manual procedure to calculate mix properties from test data available from experiments. Computer programming has been done in C language to develop this programme. This programme is based on mix proportion for different mix requirements as per Indian Standard code I.S.-10262 (2009). The programme has been developed and the result obtained from programme has been cross checked with manual calculations and different reports.

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