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Time Saving in Construction Road Using Prestressed Precast Concrete Pavement

Ranjit T. Waghmode, Pooja S. Jaware


In this paper the results of laboratory investigation preceding realization of continuous pre stressed concrete pavement .to minimize the effect of traffic congestion ,a method with the speedy construction and lower user impact cost is needed. This paper introduces relatively new pavement construction method which developed in united state .which is called as pre stressed precast concrete pavement(PPCP).PPCP is comparatively sustainable and economical as compare to cement concrete pavement. Their design, installation techniques, factors affecting on PPCP ,what is meant by PPCP ?with all comparative merits and demerits will be discussed in these paper. also one project based on PPCP technique held by  Nagpur pwd in Nagpur ,Maharashtra ,India. Road with a length of 480 metre at Rajiv Nagar, connecting two highways, under the central road fund (CRF). The road was around 3 metre in width and is the only access to many areas; so, it cannot be blocked for traffic.ent .PPCP sustain a life cycle pavement construction project.



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