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Cost Optimisation-A Case Study of Infrastructure Project

Smitha Yadav, Pradyumna Kumar Maurya, Ranjan Kumar Singh, Amit Rai


The Double Deck component between Automotive Square and Gaddigodam comprised of main spine segment and two wing segments on either sides of spines. Both these spine and wing segment were pre-cast at casting yard and erected at site using double deck launching girder and wing erector system respectively. Further to integrate these components, stitch concrete is provided from bottom of wings using Manlift which required shuttering to be undertaken requiring a cycle time of 2 days. To overcome the time loss and also to enhance safety, a new concept was proposed which gave away the need of shuttering and heavy erection system. The proposed cost optimization solution also improvised the safety standards and provided an overall saving of 3 months and a cost saving of 94 lakhs.


Keywords: Construction, Cost optimisation, Traditional construction, Double deck launching

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