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Design of Flexible Pavement by Stabilizing the Red Soil Using Mistreatment Dismantled Construction Material

Barnali Pradhan, Nimisha Pawar, Shruti Ghongade, Sumit Mourya, Nagma Alam


The objective of this project is to check the feasibleness of the applying of Construction Demolition Waste (CDW) for rising the performance of sub-grade layer within the versatile pavement. future performance of pavement structure depends on the steadiness of underlying soils. Thus there's a desire to remodel ineffective earth materials into effective sub-grade material by helpful the weak soil with appropriate recycled combination as stabilizer. This might be an efficient and economical methodology. thanks to the rise within the housing industry, the generation of construction and demolition waste is additionally growing. Since exploitation this waste for various purpose it helps US to cut back the venturesome environmental impacts of land pollution and ends up in property construction. so, we tend to are helpful red soil by adopting specific proportion of recycled combination i.e; 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%.

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