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Railway Accidents Analysis of Western Zone of Bangladesh

Md. Rashedul Haque, SK. Kamrul Hasan, Mokter Hossan, Md. Mohan Ali, Md. Enayet Hossain, S. M. Hasnat Jamil


Abstract: The railway is one of the fundamental and popular modes of transportation in the entire world. Although the railway is considered to be the safest for transportation, accidents are occurring frequently in Bangladesh. During the period from the year 2016 to 2018, about 136 railway accidents have taken place in western zone of Bangladesh Railway. Apart from this, a recent report identified more than 700 level-crossings, operating without gatemen, which is a threat to human lives and properties. The study carried out to identify the probable causes of these accidents and their preventive measures. Analysis and interpretation of collected data were carried out for railway accidents in western zone of Bangladesh Railway during the year of 2016 to 2018. The analysis showed that, derailment is the major type of accident in the study area. Most railway accidents are taken place in Khulna district due to poor conditions of railway tracks and unreliable management system. During the weekends railway accident increases markedly. The site visit also found poor condition of rail track and absence of maintenance work. Probable causes of the accidents in railway came to light through the analysis result. The preventive measures have been suggested under three different bases. Up-gradation, innovation, reconstruction, speed calming, standardization of geometric features of rail track, development of skilled manpower, ensuring legislative actions, introduce modern technology may reduce the railway accidents in this zone of Bangladesh Railway which will reduce the losses of lives and properties.)


Key Words: Derailment, Level Crossing, Bangladesh Railway, Accidents, Rail-Road Environment

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