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A Review: Electrical Impedance Tomography System and Its Application

Ramesh Kumar, Sarwan kumar, Amit Sengupta


Nowadays, the objective of medical research is to improve the diagnostic tools and instruments such as to develop new assessment methods, non-invasive and long-term monitoring method. Currently, the non-invasive technique is used for during pregnancy and labor due to its standard clinical approach. Such as ultrasound and MCG, CTG is also used during pregnancy because of its sensitivity to the mother and fetal movement but it is not used during labor. Radiation is harmful to both fetus and mother. Due to this method is not recommended for long time monitoring. This limitationis overcome by our proposed non-invasive bio-impedance method. Electrical impedance tomography is a radiation-free and non-invasive, monitoring technique that permits real-time imaging of the body. The purpose of this review article is to discuss about different parts of EIT system and algorithms and to review the use of EIT technique in critical care patients. And also discuss about different types of methods for acquisition of data from the body and reconstruction algorithms to calculate its potential for imaging of the body. The EIT technique offers several profits over other imaging modalities.

Keywords: Electrical impedance tomography, phantom, reconstruction algorith, madical imaging modalities, acquisition methods, finite element method, non-invasive

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Ramesh Kumar, Sarwan Kumar, Amit Sengupta. A Review: Electrical Impedance Tomography System and Its Application. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2016; 7(2): 14–22p.

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