Behaviour of NINL Blast Furnace with 100% Calibrated Lump Iron Ore

Santosh Kumar, R. K. Jha, N. G. Banerjee


A relation between sinter usages in burden and productivity are well established. Now a day, almost all blast furnace usages a sinter in its burden charge. The percentage of sinter in blast furnace is depending upon the availability of fines & sinter machine. But some time, due to non-availability of fine or sinter machines, or both, only calibrated iron ore lump are used as a source of iron in charge burden. The behaviour and characteristics of blast furnace changed when 100% iron ore lump are charged as compared to iron ore lump and sinter in burden. The behaviour of 100% iron ore lump (CLO) charged in furnace is focused in this paper.


Blast Furnace, Iron Making, Iron Ore Lump (CLO), sinter, cohesive zone, thermal reserve zone, Coke Rate

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