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Experimental Setup to Determine Stress Wave Propagation in a Compound Bar

Chennakeshava R, Mohite Palash Pravin, Pranav Sharma, S. Rohit, Shah Vrudant


Deformation undergone by a body due to impact results in development of dynamic stresses. This deformation depends on the material properties and geometry. Advancements made in stress wave propagation are focused at the necessity to understand dynamic history of structures subjected to applied loads. Stress travels with different velocities in different bodies depending upon material characteristics, crystal structure etc. Forces applied on bodies at short intervals of time result in stress in the body which propagates in the form of waves. These waves are transmitted and reflected back into the body depending upon the system. The present experiment aims at finding the wave velocity in compound bar of same cross section. Two rods are kept in series and impacted upon by a pendulum with mass attached from a certain angle. Strain gauges are mounted on the specimen. The output is obtained in the form of wave which can be studied in a storage oscilloscope. The wave is studied and the velocity of stress wave in compound bar is determined. Numerical calculations are carried on the specimens with the same properties. The experiment will be simulated using ABAQUS CAE. The current paper aims at demonstrating the procedure to be followed for obtaining wave velocity in compound bar and verifying the experimental result as well as numerical values obtained.


Keywords: dynamic stresses, velocity, ABAQUS, compound, strain

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