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Raspberry PI Based Automation and Security of Pisciculture

Asmita Ambre, Umesh Pinjarkar, Shubham Chavan, Yogita Pisal, Ashwini Walhekar



In Pisciculture natural disasters, mistake of employees, irregular feeding causes mass mortality of fish, such incident may cause a big loss of farmer so to avoid that thing we are presenting smart growing pisciculture. With the progress in raspberry pi the innovation is achieved by the ground level with it’s application in aquaculture and farming. In this work we have outlined and actualized the fish growth fish feeding water leveland, oxygen supply by utilizing raspberry pi, various sensors, display. Sensor acquisition is controlled by  raspberry pi used as a servsaer and data processing unit. Feeder, Water level sensor, inflator, temperature sensors are also performed by raspberry pi to feed food for fish, to detect water level, and to supply oxygen, to detect temperature of water. RGB light perform by raspberry pi for growth of fishes.

Keywords: Pisciculture, raspberry pi, automation and security. growth factors and sensors.

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Umesh Pinjarkar, Shubham Chavan, Asmita Ambre, Yogita Pisal, Ashwini Walhekar. Raspberry PI Based Automation and Security of Pisciculture. Journal of Microelectronics and Solid State Devices. 2020; 7(2): 17–20p.

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