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Solution of Different Problems Related to Active Power Filter Design Using Python

Sumiran Gupta, R.S. Mandloi, Sandeep Bhongade



There are a variety of problems that lead to problems of rising losses and degradation in power quality in AC due to harmonic distortions, voltage sag, voltage spike, flicker, voltage swell, voltage fluctuations, noise and voltage imbalance. In this paper, different problems are analysed and based on their circuit type, input and output value of voltage and current VSI circuit is designed to increase performance in the system. In AC mains, it has been discovered that the series APF protects sensitive loads from these disturbances. It reduces voltage harmonics, resulting in a nearly pure sinusoidal supply voltage. In this work, techniques are developed using Python and its modules, and they are used to solve issues and achieve the desired results. These methods may be used to obtain the desired outcomes using a variety of inputs.


Active Power Filter, Power Quality, Harmonic Voltage Technique

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