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IOT Based Worker Safety Monitoring and Alerting System in Coal Mines

Pallavi N. R., Pooja K. V., Chitrashree N., Hemavathi L. N., Kavya K. J.


Protection is the most dynamic fragment of any kind of industry. In the mining industry, protection and security are essential. To evade any kind of fortunes, the mining industry tracks some elementary safety measures. Still, fate plays out in deep mines as temperatures rise, water levels rise, and methane gas leaks. Currently, we offer protection to employees. When an employee is at risk, he can press the panic switch to notify security. To improve protection in underground mines, a consistent communication system must be recognized between laborers in underground mines and the static ground my system. At any time or in any condition, the communication network must not be episodic. In this development, a cost-effective ZigBee-based wireless mine overseeing system with initial-cautioning intelligence is proposed. Employee status can be displayed on IOT. This paper introduces a forward-thinking initiative — a cost-effective ZigBee-based wireless mine monitoring system integrated with intelligent early-warning capabilities. This developmental solution not only aims to fortify protective measures but also proposes the incorporation of an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for real-time display and monitoring of employee status, thereby fostering heightened situational awareness in the mining environment.


Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi / GSM module, ZigBee, temperature sensor, gas sensor, water level sensor, vibration sensor.

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