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Reusable FM0/Manchester Encoding Using QCA

Harshada Dayanand Malage, Usha Jadhav


Dedicated short range communication (DSRC) is an important technique which is used for transmission of high speed data in communication based safety applications. For signal reliability and dc balance, it uses either Manchester or FM0 coding technique. Code word structure for both FM0 and Manchester are different, which makes limitation on the hardware potential of DSRC system So, SOLS technique is used to conquer this limitation which combines the hardware architecture of FM0 and Manchester. Here, this design is implemented using QCA technology in QCAD Designer 2.0.3 tool, which compromises less area and power consumption as compared to the conventional CMOS technology. QCA is a new technology for implementing digital circuits based on majority and inverter gate.

Keywords: QCA, CMOS, FM0, Manchester, HUR, Similarity Oriented Logic Simplification

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Harshada Malage, Usha Jadhav. Reusable FM0/Manchester Encoding Using QCA. Journal of VLSI Design Tools & Technology. 2019; 9(1): 51–59p.

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