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Analysis of Three Phase AC-DC Front End Converter with Vector Control

Kunjan Bhanderi


The revolution in power electronics has opened in last few years widespread use of power converters of different power rating from few Watts to Mega-Watts. 3 phase AC-DC converters (Controlled rectifier) are most widely used power converters as the distributed electric power is AC supply, while the applications based on DC supply as well as variable frequency AC supply, need conversion of AC supply into DC supply. Large current harmonics and poor power factor in the utility interface are common problems in three-phase AC-DC converters. These AC-DC converters are used invariably at the front-end in many applications which may or may not be electrically isolated from the AC supply system depending on the rating and types of the load and also the prevalent ‘Standards’ requirement. In this paper discussed Active front end converter with vector control method in 3-phase AC/DC converter with bidirectional power flow capability. A control topology uses for Boost converter with high power factor, sinusoidal input current and adjustable dc output voltage. Also, PI controller is used for regulate the converter output voltage and reduce the harmonic distortion. Also, in this paper discussed the improvement in power quality. The design and simulation of these converters are carried out in MATLAB/Simulink.


AC-DC Conversion, PWM rectifier, Front end converter, Synchronous references frame control, Vector control.

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