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Precast Airport Lane Analysis of Military Air Base Using ANSYS

Abhishek Dattatray Gabhane, N. C. Dubey


This report describes the technology of using precast concrete panels for the repair of concrete pavements. The objective of the study was to assess the state-of-technology and to identify implementation challenges. The repair of concrete pavements using precast concrete panels may be an effective alternative to cast-in-place repairs, because it can reduce construction time and provide durable pavements. Construction costs of repairs using precast panels are typically higher than the cost of repairs using cast-in-place paving with high-early-strength concrete. However, the repairs using precast panels have the potential to be faster and of higher quality. The greatest potential for using precast repairs is for situations where identical precast panels can be used at different repair locations. Successful pavement repairs using precast panels carried out under time constraints require close cooperation between the facility owner, the contract administrator, and the contractor. All factors influencing the opening of the facility to traffic must be taken into account and coordinated accordingly. Current technologies for placement of precast panels use cementitious materials or polyurethane foam beneath the slab to ensure full contact/support with the underlying substrate. Repairs using precast panels depend on material and construction quality. As always, there is risk associated with the use of new technological procedures that are not in routine use and do not have an established long-term history.

Keyword: - Precast Airport, ANSYS, Airport runway, Fast track construction.

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