Integrated engineering on design, development and operation of a Table Top Tokamak for Plasma experiments

RaviPragash Nagarajan, Chandresh Sankhavara


Making of a Table Top Tokamak is having the acute need for conducting various plasma experimental studies. As pulsed devices, small tokamaks come as handy solutions for plasma experimentalists to study the characteristic behavior of plasma at various operating conditions. In addition, it is a challenge to build a Tokamak from its conceptual design. In this paper, details are brought out for a single mode approach that is required to achieve the design and engineering aspects of a small scale Tokamak, as built around the World. Further to the validation details of Small Tokamak Design Approach (STDA), the author brings out the engineering steps of design, analysis, fabrication and assembly of the device in its scale. The role of integrated engineering from various disciplines including mechanical, electrical, electromagnetics, electronics and Control are also illustrated in this paper. A typical Table Top Tokamak machine is thus designed and built with specification including plasma current of 20 kA for 320 microseconds pulsed operation at 0.54 Tesla magnetic field with a major and minor radius of 0.23 m and 0.0723 m respectively. The diagnostic results of few Plasma shots on operating the device are included for further studies.


Table Top Tokamak; Vacuum Vessel; TF Magnets; CS coil; Plasma Shot

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